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Frequently Asked Questions in the Library(F.A.Qs)

Exam papers are available for patron use through the library website. Users can also download or view them online. PAST EXAMINATION PAPERS COLLECTION.
Food and drink are NOT permitted in the library as they pose a serious danger to the physical collection and the computers and other machines available.
Patrons may bring their laptops into the library. However, you must have a working wireless card to use the internet. Support Systems staff can only assist with connection but will not repair or service faulty computers, laptops, palm tops, smartphones, tablets, ipads and other machines.
Please visit the e-Resources Centre to make arrangements or contact your Subject Librarian. Click to set more information.
Click on the following Link to access Subscription resources Off-Campus, ACCESS OFF-CAMPUS
Visit the Library Systems department for instructions on how to connect to the wireless network.
A database is a searchable collection of information. In library research, a database is where you find articles. Each database contains thousands of articles from different journals, which you search simultaneously. You can cover a lot of ground quickly using databases, finding more articles with higher relevancy than searching in individual journals.
A journal is a scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, professors and other experts. Journals focus on a specific discipline or field of study, and are usually peer reviewed. Unlike newspapers and magazines, journals are intended for an academic or technical audience, not general readers.
Copyright law gives the owner of the copyright exclusive rights to the duplication, distribution, derivation, display, and public performance of a copyrighted work.
Smartphones can be used to connect to the Library's wireless network, but they should constantly be in silent or vibrate mode. Any cell phone that rings loudly in the Library will attract a $1 fine to the owner. Owners of regular phones required to switch off their gadgets upon entering the Library.
Consult the library's I.T (Information Technology) specialists, who will then enter the appropriate internet settings into your laptop. When this is done, you should be able to connect to the library's Wi-Fi on your laptop.
Dissertations are indeed available in the library and can be accessed from the library repository.
Contact the subject librarian for your particular discipline.
All registered LSU students may borrow library material. The borrowing of library material is subject to the Library's lending regulations. Students may use the Library system to check which items have been issued to them by visiting the Library's webpage and logging into Library Account.
Computers in the Library are only meant for research purposes.
Students can do research at the Knowledge Commons, which is a section of the Library entirely dedicated to internet based research.
Computers in the Library are only meant for research purposes.
The library offers training modules to assist students with identifying relevant resources suited to their research.
Search for it in the catalogue if it is available search on the shelves if you cannot find it then ask a Librarian to assist you. Online Catalogue.
Yes. Some material may only be consulted in the Library. These include periodicals, archival material and items in special collections; reference works such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries.